The final deadline to update chemical secondary containers with proper GHS labels was June 1.  You are late! Fines for non-compliance are hefty, they average over $12,000.

Are you GHS Compliant?

Don’t let this easy-to-comply-with regulation cost you big-time money. The OSHA rule says “Update alternative workplace labeling and hazard communication program as necessary, and provide additional employee training for newly identified physical or health hazards.”

Essentially this means that employers must have workplace labeling and hazard communication programs up to date as necessary. Most chemical manufacturers complied a year ago to have their labels correct and compliant with the new GHS requirements. But if you migrate a chemical to a second container, you must update the label on the secondary container to be GHS compliant. Our roll of GHS labels will cost you about $215 and could potentially save you over $10,000.

Say, you have a bulk container of acetone that is properly labeled. But you fill smaller bottles with acetone to be used on your work floor. These smaller containers must be properly labeled or you will be fined. If you’re inspected and don’t have proper labels on ALL your secondary, seemingly harmless, containers, you will be fined heavily.

Our in-house designed labels are the best solution you’ll find for these secondary containers. They are GHS and OSHA compliant and can save you thousands of dollars in fines. Don’t think these secondary containers aren’t important to label – they are!

We have an excellent information page on GHS labels here. See videos, previous blog posts about GHS compliance and ordering information so you can get your labels as soon as possible.