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Here’s a list of what we’ve been reading online lately.

Parenting with Lean and Six Sigma

Helene from babyfoote.comThis is no new story for us – we’ve frequently talked about using Lean and 5S practices at home or with kids. You can check out a few of our posts here and here, where we offer tips for getting organized at home or in classrooms.

Helena’s blog post is a great example of using visual organization at home. She’s a mother of two young boys and blogs at Helena also works as a consultant doing  business process reviews and seems to know a lot about Lean and Six Sigma. Here, she blogs about using Lean, 5S and Six Sigma practices to help get her household under control. What busy parent isn’t looking for new ideas for that?

She writes, “In my job, I carry out business process reviews, with the aim of finding the “waste” in the way things are done, so that we can do them better, smoother, cheaper. I wear my Green Belt with pride. You might know Six Sigma as that set of tools developed by a Motorola engineer to make things work the same way every time in manufacturing processes. “Lean” is that waste-reduction school of thought developed in Toyota production (aka Kaizen) that minimizes the amount and time an energy spent. We hope to save time and / or money so that we can spend it elsewhere, on something that adds value.

At home, with my children, there are a few ways I can apply the same techniques, to get to a similar aim — of freeing up time and / or money to spend elsewhere. “

Helena talks a lot about using visual cues and taking the time to get organized. It’s an awesome blog! As big believers in visual organization AND as parents – we know there is always a need to think outside the box when it comes to parenting.


A Good List of Lean Terms and Practices

This blog post caught our eye because it’s a great annotated list of Lean tools and practices with short and concise explanations.

While there’s much more to these concepts than can fit in a paragraph or two, this writer did a great job editing the important information and presenting it in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Written by Colin McArdle, for the KaizenKulture blog, it’s a great primer for those just starting a Lean journey or those looking for the next step. McArdle is the the founder and managing director of Kaizen Kulture. Kaizen Kulture is a provider of lean consulting and training.


A new thing: Microlearning

It’s been coming down the pipeline for a while, but offering safety lessons and consultations via a smart phone is here.

A new thing: MicrolearningWe think it will be a while before team safety meetings are a thing of the past, but offering employees small bits of safety information more often may offer benefits.

This story from EHS Today says: An important component of the fourth industrial revolution referred to as Industry 4.0 will be the adoption of new training techniques. Leading these new techniques is a process called microlearning. The gist of this approach is to shorten, focus and increase the availability of training. Rather than having workers attend a 15-30-minute (or longer) workshop or computer-based training (CBT) module, they can access a four-minute or less module on their phone or other smart device covering one important aspect of the training. A series of these modules can replace, or be used to reinforce, the longer classroom or CBT modules.

If your business is looking for outside-the-box ideas to promote worksite safety practices, this story may offer you a new answer.

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As always, we update our blog regularly with informative and educational posts about visual organization and tools and solutions to keep your business safe and productive. Make sure we’re on your reading list.