A Texas General Dollar store has been fined a whopping $162,000 by OSHA.

The citation is dated Dec. 31 and specifies the violations were at a Sherman, Texas store.

One would think perhaps a worker died or some extreme accident happened with that kind of fine, right?

Surprisingly, the violations were for easy to remedy problems having to do with workplace safety signage – the company allegedly just doesn’t make the effort to make changes or follow the rules.

Some of the offenses were for repeat and willful violations – which jack up the penalty fees significantly.

OSHA cited the company for one serious, two repeat and two willful violations. The two willful violations were for failing to keep exit routes clear and unobstructed and for failure to keep the area around the electrical panel clear.

The store also received two repeat violations for failure to keep store aisles clear and for making sure that the portable fire extinguishers were mounted and accessible.

The serious violation came from failing to clearly mark an exit route.

An OSHA director in Texas, Josh Bernstein, said Dollar General stores nationwide have been cited for exposing workers to hazards posed by overstocking issues and the store has made repeated promises to fix these issues. “They have not done so,” Bernestein said.

Dollar General employs about 90K workers in 11,500 stores in 40 different states.

OSHA has cited Dollar General for 240 safety violations since 2006.

There is no word from OSHA if Dollar General paid the fine, or if they’ve been re-audited for changes OSHA was requiring them to make in the 15 days following the citations.

Dollar General could ensure the safety of shoppers and their employees by spending under $1,000 for some visual signs and purchasing and mounting fire extinguishers.

What would you do? $1,000 to keep employees and shoppers safe? Or $162,000 in fines from OSHA and a potential store shut-down?