Blank floors, sidewalks, and parking structures at your store, shopping complex, or business are full of untapped marketing potential. Our easy-to-use floor, carpet, and outdoor decals give promotions, events, and products the attention they deserve, without time-consuming applications. And, unlike stand-up signs, decals on concrete, carpet, or tile capture customers’ attention without introducing a trip hazard or physical barrier. Read on to learn how our floor signs and sidewalk ads can make marketing easier in public spaces, including shopping centers, arenas, and grocery stores.

What to Look for in Floor Graphics for Advertising

Interior and exterior floor decals are available in many styles, shapes, and materials to add branding to any office, business, or retail space. When selecting your graphics, consider the custom-printing options, durability, installation, and flexibility to make sure you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Custom-Printed Floor Advertisements

Custom-printed floor decals get customers’ attention and provide instant recognition for your business. Create personalized promotional ads using our custom tape and sign design tool. Upload a logo, icon, or other graphic and choose your color scheme to create on-brand signs for any marketing campaign. Not seeing the options you need? Most of our floor graphics—vinyl and rubber signs, carpet floor tape, or pavement markers—can be customized to better fit your needs. Contact us for special requests or to learn more. 

Durable Floor Graphics

Create ads for an upcoming event, in-store promotion, or a new product release with floor graphics that hold up throughout the promotional period. Choosing high-quality signage allows you to begin advertising well in advance to remind customers of the event and create an exciting lead-up period. Our signs are made with reinforced materials and feature heavy-duty adhesives so your promotional messaging lasts, even if it is applied months ahead of time. Our vinyl and rubber floor graphics have a protective top layer so you can position your ads in the best possible location without worrying about scuffing or damage from pedestrians, strollers, carts, or cleaning equipment.

Easy-to-Install Ads

Advertise promotions efficiently with our adhesive-backed floor signs. These decals have a simple peel-and-stick installation, and they don’t require drying or curing time. You can update signage quickly before opening without diverting customers or causing confusion during store hours. Even establishments that are open 24 hours, such as pharmacies or convenience stores, will find the installation easy enough to complete when customers are present, without significant interruption.

Graphics With Removable Adhesive

Custom removable floor decals give businesses the flexibility to change up their marketing campaigns for seasonality or timeliness. Since our graphics peel up without leaving a sticky mess behind or damaging the floors of commercial rental spaces or stores, you can update your floor advertisements without costly or lengthy cleaning processes between installations. Even though removable graphics excel in temporary applications, the quality adhesive is strong enough to last as long as you need.

Floor Graphic Materials for Indoor Marketing

Don’t lose a lead because your marketing signage doesn’t stay put. If you’re selecting signs with a one-size-fits-all approach, then you’ve likely been let down by peeling, damaged floor ads. When you need lasting graphics, choose a sign material with the right adhesion and durability for your flooring and environment. Our custom removable floor decals are available with adhesives and hook-and-loop fasteners to adhere to polished or waxed tile, concrete surfaces, and carpeting in nearly any location, including:

  • Store Entrances & Exits
  • Shopping Aisles
  • Point-of-Sale Lanes
  • Queue Lines
  • Stair Risers
  • Elevator Floors & Elevator Banks
  • Restrooms
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Waiting Areas

Marketing With Vinyl Floor Graphics

Vinyl floor graphics are a popular, durable choice for businesses with smooth concrete or polished flooring. These signs are rated for moderately trafficked areas so you can place these in pedestrian paths without worrying they will wear out quickly. The top of the signs are coated with an anti-skid overlaminate which prevents the decal from being slick underfoot. Our vinyl can withstand frequent floor sweeping, mopping, and cleaning machines, so you can place these at entrances, in restrooms, and throughout your location without adjusting janitorial instructions.

Rubber Floor Decals for Concrete

Our rubber floor decals are designed for rough or uneven surfaces and can withstand more traffic than vinyl, making them a durable choice for use on concrete floors. If your warehouse store, brewery, or event center has pitted flooring, these graphics provide adequate durability and adhesion. The butyl adhesive is highly conformable so your ads will stay put on irregular surfaces. The clear top coat resists damage from carts, dollies, cleaning equipment, and pedestrian traffic, so your sign will remain readable throughout your campaign.

Advertising With Carpet Graphics

Businesses with low-pile carpeting can advertise just as easily as those with cement or tiled floors using carpet decals. Trusty hook-and-loop fasteners on the back hold firmly to prevent trip hazards. Our carpet markers can be customized for marketing messages for events, promotions, or sales, plus you can create branded, personalized queue lines in carpeted locations, including banks, offices, or department stores.

Shaped Floor Graphics

Shaped floor graphics perform double duty for a marketing campaign by providing directional cues and highlighting promotions or in-store events. Custom-order floor ads in branded colors or themes to reflect your business. Whether you are creating pathways through a convention or airport, or are leading customers to the deli counter in your store, a series of custom arrow, footprint, or dot decals can be designed with messaging to build excitement and tap into patrons’ curiosity.

Pavement and Sidewalk Decals for Outdoor Ads

Draw customers into your business with the right exterior floor, pavement, or sidewalk graphics that are placed right in sightlines to get attention. Motorists and pedestrians will notice decals while navigating a street, sidewalk, or parking structure walkway—take advantage of these unused outdoor areas to promote your business in a shopping center, advertise a happy hour at your restaurant, or invite customers to open a new bank account. 

Outdoor Floor Decals and Stencils for Pavement

Retail stencils and pavement marking tape allow you to mark drive-through lanes and parking stalls with branded messaging that doesn’t distract motorists. The durable stencil matrix lasts for many applications and it can be rolled up and stored for quick paint touch-ups anytime. Our pavement tape provides road-grade adhesion that’s appropriate for hot or cold climates.

Pavement marking signs for parking lots and structures are available in permanent and temporary styles. Special-order custom exterior graphics to mark store pick-up and loading stalls in your lot or create ads for parking structure surfaces. Custom promotional messages can announce services, provide the business’ floor or suite number, or mark reserved spots for shoppers visiting your store, while branded exit and entrance direction arrows lead motorists to your lot.

Peel-and-Stick Street & Parking Lot Marking Graphics

Peel-and-stick street graphics help promote store openings, events, or promotions. Display oversize ads that stand out to introduce your brand or event: Our bold parking lot signs adhere to any asphalt type, and the durable material withstands foot traffic, vehicles, strollers, carts, and the elements. These outdoor street decals are easily applied with a self-adhesive film rather than paint, which affords quicker installation.

Outdoor Floor Decals for Sidewalk Ads

Capture the interest of pedestrians in shopping areas using outdoor sidewalk decals. These can be placed on sidewalks, walkways, and stair risers to advertise an upcoming event, an individual store, or the shopping center as a whole. Create interesting marketing campaigns to help your business stand out in a complex or heavily populated business park, using these ideas for starters: 

  • Design a path or countdown to your store
  • Apply decals to stair risers to make use of blank space
  • Use an intriguing tagline, hashtag, or slogan to build interest
  • Advertise your social media or website so passersby can find you online 
  • Upsell customers by providing information about upgrades or opportunities
  • Promote future events or specials to encourage repeat business
  • Include social media handles or QR codes to encourage likes, follows, and interaction

Make marketing easier for your company with these custom solutions for nearly any surface, indoors and out. Our sign specialists are here to help with any shape, size, style, or custom printing. Check out our Resource Center for how-tos and installation tips to see how our easy-to-use products can improve your marketing efforts.