Have you been wondering how to use GHS labels? One easy way to get organized – and stay OSHA compliant – is to make sure secondary chemical containers are properly labelled.


See this video for how to use GHS labels:


OSHA’s Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS) guidelines went into full effect in 2017. Requirements include that any containers (usually smaller and more portable) you pour chemicals into, MUST be properly labelled with chemical name, hazards and other pertinent information. So, our GHS secondary container labels are a top-selling product for us, and Stop-Painting’s in-house designed labels are a top pick for companies looking for an easy solution to the new GHS regulations.

The new GHS rules are one of OSHA’s most far-reaching regulations in the past decade. Because these rules focus on chemical hazards and how we communicate about them, the GHS labels are important.

If your company removes chemicals from an original bottle and transfers chemicals into a secondary bottle (usually spray bottles), you have to apply proper labels on these secondary containers. Think this may not be necessary? A typical OSHA fine for not properly labeling containers according to GHS guidelines is about $3,000.

Our GHS Labels

Getting your hazardous labels updated should be a priority, says hazmat specialist and former OSHA compliance officer, Chris Palmisano. OSHA HAZCOM workplace labeling citations are currently the number one written OSHA fine citation in the United States for General Industry and number two in Construction.

Don’t let fines affect your bottom line. Updating your labels can be an easy process with Stop-Painting.com. We designed and developed GHS labels that will meet this need. Check out our carefully researched GHS workplace label that was created by our company and Palmisano.

Our label could not be easier to use. You simply transfer data from the original container’s label to the Stop-Painting’s GHS secondary container label. Each piece of hazard information found on the chemical’s original label finds a home on the secondary container label.

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