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Warehouse Labels & Label Protectors

Don’t think of our number 10 best seller on our list, label protectors, as the least needed product but as the tenth most bought item of the thousands of products we offer to help you get your workplace organized with visual cues.

Tenth on our list of top-selling products of 2016 at Stop-Painting are warehouse labels and warehouse label protectors. As more companies adopt 5S and Lean practices, using labels in the workplace is becoming a top trend. Our labels and clear label protectors help businesses improve productivity. Whether you’re using 5S and Lean practices in your workplace or just supporting a visual workplace, utilizing warehouse labels can keep your workflow efficient.

Warehouse labels are visual devices or cues that indicate what goes where. Labels are used for tool or inventory placement/replacement, warehouse inventory picking, inventory locating services, as well as bin, tote, and aisle identification. Using high-quality warehouse signs and labels to post clear, concise descriptions of items and locations is a critical step in a well-run warehouse, distribution center or plant facility. Label protectors serve as a layer of protection to maximize the lifespan of labels throughout a warehouse facility or workplace.

While we offer a variety of labels, we highly recommend our Superior Mark™ floor tape labels as they are the most durable and most resistant to scuffing, scraping, and heavy duty wear and tear. They are especially valuable as floor labels where industrial equipment may frequent.


Here’s a look at various labels and label protectors we offer:

Superior Mark™ Warehouse Labels

Made with our flagship patented Superior Mark™ floor tape, these labels are the most durable on the market. Superior Mark™ floor tape features a beveled edge, recessed adhesive and thick 32 mls material that makes sure this label will not be easily rubbed, scraped or scuffed once in place. Manufactured in our facility, we can customize these labels with QR codes, scannable barcodes, messages and more. They are available in 2-inch and 4-inch widths, in a variety of colors and there are minimum order requirements.


Superior Mark™ Clear Protector Labels

Superior Mark™ clear label protectors are also made from our Superior Mark™ floor tape material and offer the same superlative qualities as the color labels – but in a clear, see-through rubber. These labels serve as a protective shield over other labels or stickers that may otherwise get rubbed, scraped or damaged. Superior Mark™ clear protective labels are great to place over floor labels, safety messages on equipment or shelf labels.


Sticker Labels

We also offer non-Superior Mark™ adhesive warehouse labels that are specifically designed for use on shelving. These labels are blank stickers and can be written on. These labels are available in a range of colors and sizes.


Magnetic Labels

Magnetic warehouse labels are more heavy-duty than sticker labels and will work in any warehouse with extreme temperatures and high dust/dirt accumulation. There are multiple size options for these labels and they come in a variety of colors.