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Superior Mark™ Inspires Sweet Tooth For Six Flags Park

Our latest collaboration with Razzle Dazzle Graphics creates a walk-way of lively M&M chocolate-covered candies at a Six Flags park. Probably the only M&Ms guaranteed not to melt on pavement in the summertime, these colorful candies welcome Six Flag visitors and inspire the need for a quick snack during visits.

Razzle Dazzle Graphics owner Jason Mendelowitz has been using Superior Mark™ Floor Tape in his creative and gorgeous advertising projects for a few years now.

Mendelowitz uses Superior Mark™ Tape in many of his advertising projects, including stair graphic projects at Six Flags and Citi Field.

Mendelowitz travels around the country installing these bold advertising projects at stadiums, theme parks, colleges and universities, museums, airports, malls and transit system depots. A real pioneer in the stair graphics market, Mendelowitz is based out of New York City. He says he first started in the stair graphic business in 1998 in partnership with the patent owner of Ad Step – the adhesive tape originally used in all of Mendelowitz’ s earliest projects. Using the Ad Step product, Mendelowitz built Stair Graphic Advertising into a marketing phenomenon, adding color and graphics to otherwise boring concrete steps in locations inside and outside, all around the country.

These unique marketing messages continue to be in demand and today Razzle Dazzle Graphics installs the graphic art projects with Stair Graphics products, as well as non-laminated adhesives like Superior Mark™ Floor Tape.

Expanded Street Graphics Products

We are pleased to announce we are expanding our street graphics products and services and hope to be part of many innovative and unique outdoor marketing campaigns. As marketing trends advance and change, getting your message out via social media has become an integral part of a campaign. Our street graphics offer a visual message which appeals to social media users – and advertisers.

Street festivals, outdoor concerts, store openings, art festivals, road races, athletic events, school events and other events open for public participation can maximize their social media presence by using a street graphic that invites event participants to take photos and post on their social media channels.

Stop-Painting street graphics, also known as street stickers or outdoor vinyl stickers, are ideal for companies who want to build and add to their customer base with a hip and modern branding tool. By having street ads and graphics conveniently placed in busy outdoor spaces, businesses can use their promotional and advertising material to easily attract people who are nearby with messaging for your business.

Our high-quality street decals and stair graphics can be installed on any surface, including parking lots, sidewalks, train platforms, store entrances, and more. We also offer custom printed parking lines that can be used to mark the outlines of parking spaces with your branding and message. These similar but unique applications give you several different options to choose from for consistent visibility and brand recognition of your ad placement.

At Stop-Painting, our team of experts makes street graphics easy for you. We’ll help you identify your optimal target audience of potential new customers based on location or activity, and we’ll use our custom imaging process with your company’s existing artwork to create highly visible street graphics. Simply install your great street graphic at your location, and before you know it, you’ll have your brand in front of many new prospects every day.

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Interested in our Stair Graphics? See our product page for Stair Graphics is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. helps facility and safety managers create more productive and safer workplaces by communicating with visual devices and visual cues.

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