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New Video: Comparing Three Types of Corner Markers

Some of our most popular products sold are floor markings that help companies and warehouses get their pallets organized. An important part of 5S and visual organization is an ongoing organization effort. Our floor marking tape can keep pallets locations well-labeled and sorted.

Our Xs, Ls, Ts and dot markers are made out of our patented Superior Mark™ Floor Tape and are the perfect solution for designating pallet locations. Superior Mark™ Floor Tape is specially designed to be the most durable tape on the market because of its beveled edges, superior composition and highway grade and recessed adhesive. Using Xs, Ls, Ts and dots to show where the pallets should be placed is the most utilized method of organizing pallets. We’ve designed an easy to apply two-piece corner L marker with a puzzle piece center to make it more durable and flub-proof when applying. There’s also X markers and T markers for even better visual cues to direct employees on pallet locations.

All corner markers and pallet markers are not created equal. Here’s a great video that talks about how the design of a corner marker can affect the durability.

Because the ideal pallet locations may need to be amended as orders or resources change, using easy to apply and remove floor tape is a better option to painted markings. Whereas painted lines may take as much as two days to be applied, Superior Mark™ Floor Tape can be applied, removed and reapplied in minutes. The tape can be removed in one piece, with no leftover residue, making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require layout flexibility.

Corner markers for pallets come in three shapes: Ts, Ls and Xs.


Corner markers are easier to maintain than full-sized stripes. Instead of using full lines around pallet locations, using the smaller markers uses less tape and they require less maintenance. Because the area where a fork lift typically scrapes up the pallet is clear of tape, this greatly cuts down on the area of tape damage. If a corner marker does becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced without having to re-do an entire line.

We have a great online tool that helps you figure out how many of each shape you need, based on your workspace pallet map. Check out the tool here. Our Superior Mark™ floor markers come in a large variety of colors to help color code your pallet storage system. We also offer labels, wall and floor signs and repeating message tape to help keep your work area visually organized.

Pallet markings are a great way to keep your plant floor or work area organized, more productive and safer. Check out our pallet floor marking products here and let help you create a better visual workplace.

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