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How To Use Floor Tape Effectively For High Productivity

As advocates for visual workplaces, we know using floor tape and other visual devices can make a facility more productive and safer for employees.

As we’ve illustrated here and here, floor tape is a better solution that painting. Our Superior Mark Floor Tape is the premier floor tape for industrial use, offering a better design and better durability than competing products for your facility. Floor tape is an awesome solution that adds visual instruction to your workplace.

But as strong and durable as we make our floor tape, it won’t work if it’s not applied or planned for properly. Here are some of our top tips to using Superior Mark™ Floor Tape, or any floor tape, the right way.

Prepare your floor before applying floor tape

Pedestrian Walkway Floor TapeThe most common mistake people make when using floor tape is not preparing the floor. If your floor tape is applied to a poorly prepared floor, the tape will not last as long and won’t be as visible.

Do not apply floor tape to floors if they are:

Dirty. This is the most common problem clients have when applying floor tape. Dust and debris prevent the adhesive on the tape from sticking to the floor. Tape applied to dirty floors will peel off much faster and not last as long as tape applied to a clean floor. Sweep and clean floors before applying floor tape.

Painted. If you have paint on your floors, it’s best to remove it before making the change to floor tape. If the paint cracks and deteriorates, the tape that is applied over it will be compromised as well.

Wet. If a floor is wet or will be wet before the adhesive has had time to fully bond with floor surface, it can prevent the tape from sticking. Be aware that very high humidity can cause a wet sheen to form on floors too. Making sure floor surfaces are dry by rubbing with a cloth can help make sure the tape stays where you apply it.

We’ve made a video to help you see exactly how floor preparation can help with your floor tape application.

Make sure the floor tape you’re using is the right tape for the job

Don’t try to use indoor floor tape outside, or outside tape inside. Indoor floor tapes and outdoor pavement tapes are not created equally! Indoor and outdoor floor tapes are designed and manufactured to adhere to specific surfaces and stand-up to different environmental factors.

Another option to take into account is the light level in the area where you’re applying the floor tape. If it is in a low-light area, a regular floor tape product may not be visible. While our Superior Mark floor tape is the best floor tape in low light areas, we offer a variety of floor tapes with reflective qualities that allow them to be seen in the dark, as well as glow-in-the-dark options which soak up light rays during daytime hours and can be seen for a limited number of hours in darkness.

Are you trying to use floor tape in a cold storage area? Typically, cheap floor tape will not stay affixed in cold temperatures. Our Superior Mark Freezer Tape is a variation of our patented Superior Mark™ Floor Tape that utilizes a special adhesive crafted for exceptional durability and performance in extreme cold temperatures, down to 0 degrees F.

Take advantage of pre-made floor tape kits/shapes and repeating messages

Fire Extinguisher Marking KitWe’ve designed several pre-made floor tape kits and shapes to make it easy for you to efficiently mark an area in your workplace. We offer an electrical panel kit, eyewash station kit, fire extinguisher location kit, first aid location kit, exit kits and three-sided warning path kit. These kits offer pre-cut lengths of tape and step-by-step instructions to create an effective visual cue in just minutes.

We also offer a collection of floor tape shapes, such as footsteps, arrows, corner marks and dots. It’s virtually impossible to cut these shapes out of a typical sized roll of tape. We’ve done it for you so you’ll save time and ensure maximum adhesiveness.

Repeat Messaging TapeAnother way to make sure your floor markings offer the most effective message is to use floor tape with repeating messages.

While many floor tapes attempt to convey a message with just a color – for example, a path of black and yellow striped floor tape typically would convey a message of “danger” or “caution” – a floor tape with a repeating message can communicate much more clearly. A yellow floor tape with a repeating message printed on it saying, “watch for forklifts” or “no pedestrians allowed here” is much more effective than just a colored tape. Add in a floor sign with a printed graphic and you can really make sure your intended message is conveyed. is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. helps facility and safety managers create more productive and safer workplaces by communicating with visual devices and visual cues.

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