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Easy to Use Stencils Offer Clear Visual Cues

As experts in visual cues and visual information devices, our mission is to make your business more productive and safe by efficiently communicating with your employees and customers.

Our inventory of stencil designs and tools is an important part of our visual cue collection.

You can create clear and visible graphics, custom lettering and safety messages with Stop-Painting’s broad selection of stencils. We offer stencils in many categories, including floor stencils, sports field stencils, letter stencils, number stencils, sidewalk and playground stencils, parking lot stencils and more. We specialize in creating high quality floor stencils that allow you to quickly paint safety messages and warnings on the floor or wall of your industrial facility, warehouse or manufacturing plant. For a better alternative to stenciling, browse our selection of self-adhesive floor signs and pavement marking signs.

Here’s a closer look at some of our most popular stencils:

School Stencils

Let fulfill all your school, playground, and athletic needs with our wide array of educational, recreational, and sports-themed stencils. Choose from larger-than-life templates for creative outdoor play, detailed stencil templates of each of the fifty states, stencils for marking athletic fields, and much more. We can also customize school mascot or logo stencils for your school or team. Our school stencils are made of durable polyethylene plastic and can be used again and again. Outdoor stencils may be used on concrete, asphalt, or even grass or other surfaces, to create an enriching experience at school and on the playing field.

Warehouse Stencils has a wide array of stencils made to communicate important messages to employees or visitors in a warehouse or other work setting. Our directive stencils help you clearly instruct or otherwise warn workers of potentially harmful situations, or of important company regulations. Environmental Stencils encourage environmental stewardship and discourage damage to delicate ecosystems. You’ll also find a complete inventory of Safety Stencils to help you maintain a safe, OSHA-compliant warehouse or work environment. Our collection offers a wide-ranging menu of stencils with specific safety-themed messages, or stencils with universal symbols and icons to restrict or direct traffic flow in a work zone. Our reusable warehouse stencils are made from durable plastic, for indoor or outdoor applications.

Roadway Stencils offers a broad selection of roadway stencils. Use large arrow stencil kits for directional traffic flow, or create custom traffic flow indicators for specific situations with individual components. Our roadway stencils are suitable for use on highways, interstate ramps, traffic intersections, or in parking lots; they are manufactured to the highest standards for industrial applications and designed for repetitive use. You can effectively and safely manage traffic with our durable roadway stencils.

Parking Lot Stencils


Parking lot stencils are perfect for establishing clearly marked parking areas and designating handicap parking spaces, as well as safely directing traffic. Stop-Painting offers a large variety of high-quality parking lot stencils which are non-porous, flexible, durable, and made with long-lasting reusable materials. Shop from a selection of safety word stencils for parking lots such as “Fire Lane”, “No Parking”, “Bike Lane” bike stencils and more. You can also get arrow stencils that give drivers directional cues, as well as custom retail chain stencils specially designed to company specifications. Other stencil options include letter stencils, number stencils, handicap stencils, as well as our popular custom stencils made to order.

Number Stencils

Stop-Painting’s parking lot stencils come in two reliable grades: 1/16″ and 1/8″. The 1/16″ is the thinner, more economical stencil option while the 1/8″ is the more heavy-duty stencil alternative. Both are made from durable polyethylene plastic and suitable for multiple uses.

Communication is key to improving productivity and safety. Make sure your workplace or facility offers visual communication inside and outside the building. Using our cost-effective stencils, you can help ensure your messages and directives are communicated and easily understood. Call us at 1-866-284-1541 or visit our Stencils webpage for more information. is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. helps facility and safety managers create more productive and safer workplaces by communicating with visual devices and visual cues.

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