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Top 10 Best Sellers 2016: #6 – Pathway Visual Cues

In a busy warehouse or on a manufacturing facility floor, clear, visual markings for pathways and aisles are important for employee safety and productivity. OSHA provides some general guidelines for floor pathway, aisles and floor markings in facilities. Here’s a summary of the OSHA standards: All places of employment, passageways, storerooms, and service rooms shall… Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Sellers of 2016 – #8: Electrical Safety Signs

Keeping electrical panels clear of obstructions and clearly marking areas for arc flash hazards can save lives. OSHA has several regulations covering these topics and Stop-Painting offers electrical safety signs and other safety products to meet OSHA guidelines and make your workplace safer.   Electrical Safety is a Serious Concern Keeping Electrical Panels Clear of Obstructions… Continue reading

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Visual Workplace Supplies: Customize with our Custom Sign Tool

A part of continuous growth improvement is thinking outside the box to find creative solutions which maximize workplace productivity. As advocates of a visual workplace supplies, we have built our business on offering innovative safety signs and visual cues that create visual devices businesses can use to improve performance and profits. While we offer a large inventory of readily… Continue reading

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Warehouse Labels Keep Work Areas Organized

Whether you’re using Lean and 5S practices in your workplace or just supporting a visual workplace, utilizing warehouse labels can keep your workflow productive and efficient. Warehouse labels are visual devices or cues that indicate what goes where. Labels are used for tool or inventory placement/replacement, warehouse inventory picking, inventory locating services, bin or tote… Continue reading