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Floor Markings can make AGV’s Even Safer

Once a funny and futuristic idea seen in Jetson cartoons, today automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s) are a reality and even considered common equipment in plants and distribution centers around the globe. These unmanned vehicles have built a reputation for safety and efficiency. Businesses looking for new ways to increase productivity in manufacturing and distribution facilities are looking… Continue reading

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Superior Mark Tape Takes The Floor In Wisconsin School

Eric Anderson, a metals/manufacturing instructor at Central High School in Salem, Wisconsin, could not have been more pleased with his school’s recent renovation of their dated technology education building. In a time of frequent budget cuts, the fact that the original building – built around 1970 – now had up-to-code electrical and plumbing and new… Continue reading

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Five Things To Know About Painting Safety Lines On An Oil-Contaminated Concrete Floor

If your industrial company is like many, you have a concrete floor that contains some oil contamination. Perhaps you would like to place safety lines on the floor, but will paint stick to oily concrete? Below are five things to keep in mind when painting lines on oil-contaminated concrete.[*] #1: Even under the best of… Continue reading

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Corner Markers and Dashes: Great For Heavy Traffic Areas

In areas that get heavy forklift or other traffic, it is worth considering the use of dashes and corner markers. “Those who use floor striping know how difficult it is to find a durable method which lasts,” states the website of one professional floor-striping company, recognizing the toll that dragged pallets or spinning forklifts will… Continue reading