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Spring Cleaning with 5S

Spring cleaning is one of those things most people have a love/hate relationship with – or just hate it. Those that find comfort in cleaning and decluttering (Martha Stewart calls spring cleaning “satisfying” in her 2006 book, “Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook,”) usually start out liking the culturally sanctioned “cleaning” season – while a few in… Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Sellers of 2016: #3 – Pallet Markers

If a warehouse or distribution facility doesn’t plan ahead, accumulation of pallets can quickly occupy a facility’s floor area. It’s important to use pallet markers to keep pallets organized in order to keep productivity high and clear floor space to minimize workplace hazards. Once a company has developed a plant floor pallet map, it’s important for the designated… Continue reading

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New Resource Center: Home to Our Best Ideas & Information

Stop-Painting is not just a business manufacturing and selling floor tape and safety signs, and our new resource center shows it! We are advocates for visual workplaces and strive to offer the best products, tools and resources to help increase productivity for all of our customers. That means more than just providing superior quality products, which we’re proud… Continue reading