Put our Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape to the test before installing it throughout your warehouse or facility—you’ll see why it’s the best floor tape on the market. Testing floor tape helps you understand how the will application stand up in your facility and provides a glimpse at how easy installation, maintenance, and removal processes are. This easy four-step guide shows you how to test Superior Mark® tape products in your warehouse.

1) Choose a Tape Test Site

First, decide where to test the floor tape. You’ll get a better idea of how the tape application will perform under normal conditions by applying the tape samples in an area where you can observe wear and tear under normal use. While you’ll be performing an accelerated test, you shouldn’t apply it to the most-traveled areas, like loading docks, if the traffic doesn’t reflect the intended use.

Floor marking tape testing site

To properly analyze the tape’s durability, test based on expected circumstances, including:

  • Foot traffic
  • Vehicular traffic
  • Load weight
  • Floor color
  • Floor material
  • High temperatures
  • Cold or freezing temperatures
  • Tracked moisture, snow, dirt, and debris

2) Clean and Prepare the Floor

Cleaning is required before installing sample tape as contaminants interfere with proper adhesion. Clean and prep the facility floor as required for a full tape installation prior to applying your floor tape samples.

  • Scrape away remnants of old tape, paint, or residue.
  • Sweep away dirt and debris.
  • Use a degreaser as necessary to remove oil, grease, or other stains.
  • Apply 70- to 90-percent Isopropyl Alcohol to clean away any contaminants or residue, then swab away remaining moisture. The alcohol left behind will evaporate quickly.
  • Ensure all contaminants have been cleaned away by pressing the adhesive-side of a section of tape to the floor, then remove. Inspect for signs of debris. If debris is present, clean and check the floor again.
  • When no debris sticks to the tape, you’re ready to lay your sample tape.

floor tape being removed

3) Apply Tape Samples to the Prepared Floor


Peel the backing from the tape strip, tack the edge at the start of your sample site, then peel the backing away as you press the length of tape to the floor. Tamp down the applied tape with at least 150 pounds of pressure—this activates the adhesive and forces it to stick. Because the tape doesn’t require any dry time, you can begin tests right away.

To test multiple tape styles or varieties, apply horizontal lines of tape in one area, then test them at the same time for an accurate comparison.

4) Test the Tape Durability

To run tests that allow you to properly judge the tape’s durability, use the vehicles and machinery common to your warehouse. Over a short amount of time, push the sample area to the limits to see how the floor tape stands up. Observe and record damage and consider the results when deciding on the best floor marking methods. It is important to observe the tests rather than letting the wear occur over time so you can account for exactly what caused the damage. Applying the tape demonstrates the installation process, and other significant tests include:

Floor Tape Accelerated Wear Test

A wear test helps you determine the location for a durable tape application and can show how the floor tape will hold up over time. Test the tape under exaggerated traffic conditions with forklifts, delivery vehicles, trucks, and foot traffic. Drag pallets, skids, carriage platforms, and trailers over the applied tape. Push the tape to the limit: Spin, twist, and turn forklift wheels to see what effect this type of traffic has. Superior Mark® Floor Tape’s beveled edge directs traffic up and over to prevent damage, even from heavy traffic or rough use—but learning the tape’s breaking point will help you plan ahead.

car over caution floor tape

Cleaning Test

To test how easy it is to clean the floor tape application, usual commercial cleaning machines, scrubbers, and chemicals. Normal cleaning methods are safe and effective—our floor tape stands up against cleaning chemicals and machines. Testing spot cleaning and machine buffing can provide insight into how tape will perform when scrubbing away stubborn stains or marks.

Removal Test

After you have a clear idea of the tape’s durability under facility-specific use, it’s time to test the removal. Simply work a tool beneath the edge of the tape, then peel it up—pulling at near a 90-degree angle aids in breaking the adhesive bond. It will remove in one piece without leaving residue behind. If any adhesive or tape pieces remain, simply press scrap tape on the remaining pieces, press down, then peel the tape away—the pieces will come away easily.

A free sample box allows you to test the ease of installation, visibility, cleaning procedures, and long-term durability of our Superior Mark® floor marking tape. With tests completed ahead of time, you can choose the appropriate tape for your warehouse floors, or adjust intended tape layout based on what you learn while testing.

Because we want you to be sure that our tape will stand up to facility demands, our sample kits can be customized based on facility need. Contact a floor marking specialist at 1-866-284-1541 with any questions about testing Superior Mark® Floor Tape in your facility.