floor marking tapeAlmost everyone who has a warehouse needs to mark the floor to show the exact location that pallets are supposed to be stored. But because areas like this are always going to be subjected to the pushing and dragging of the pallets as they come and go, it is important to use an extremely durable material to mark the floors. Most people have only ever heard of two options: paint or thin vinyl floor tape. But it does not take very long at all before the floor markings are looking like the ones pictured to the left here.

Superior Mark floor tape is a great solution for marking pallet locations. Superior Mark features beveled edges, which act like a ramp to direct the pallet up and over the line. These beveled edges make the tape so much more durable than standard vinyl floor tapes, which have 90 degree edges. Superior Mark also features a recessed adhesive system, which means that the adhesive remains mostly untouched when traffic passes over it. Compare the difference between standard vinyl floor tape and Superior Mark by observing the cross sections in the diagram below:

We are excited to announce our new Superior Mark Pallet Marking Kit. This kit includes four pre-cut strips of Superior Mark floor tape, and allows one to easily and quickly create a four sided box to mark a pallet location. The corners are puzzle-cut so they can seamlessly fit together and maintained the beveled edges around the full perimeter of the box.

Perhaps the best way to mark pallets is without using solid lines. Our Superior Mark Corners are great for this purpose. If you are marking multiple pallets, consider using a combination of Corners, X- Markers, and T-Markers, as shown below.