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While our top-selling product in 2016 was Superior Mark™ floor tape, floor marking tape applicator carts are just as important. Some customers use our Superior Mark™ floor tape to mark thousands of feet of floor markings, pathways and other organizational lines in their workplace. We designed these carts primarily for customers looking to mark significant square footage. However the carts are essential and effective for all clients using floor marking tape. Keeping products organized on the Kaizen cart and applying the tape with a high-quality floor tape applicator can significantly reduce application time and improve your company’s productivity.


The Floor Marking Tape Applicator Cart

Whether you’re applying 100 feet of tape or 1,000 feet of tape, getting down on your hands and knees to get the job done is time-consuming and in some cases even painful! The applicator cart makes applying the tape easier, more efficient and the application may help increase the durability of the tape.

The floor marking tape applicator cart is equipped with a pedal-powered cutting blade that can create solid or dashed lines. The roller removes the liner as you apply the tape and a laser is used to guide the tape (and cart user) to a perfect, even line.

Once you have your applicator cart, you can use one of our tamper tools, either on the Kaizen cart or the tamper cart.


The Kaizen cart

The Kaizen cart is multi-functional: It’s is a great way to get your floor maintenance tools organized and it offers a tamper for better floor tape adhesion after application.

Kaizen, which roughly translates into the Japanese word for “good change,” is the moniker given to a Japanese productivity philosophy that touts the benefits of a continuous, constant search for improvement through organization.

Stop-Painting’s Kaizen cart is a mobile organization tool to keep your floor marking resources sorted and easy to access. There’s room for multiple rolls of tape, a carton of tape, weights and tools. There’s also a tamper tool, which is essential for optimal adhesion. Using the rubber roller, the tamper activates the pressure-sensitive adhesive. This creates a better seal with the floor.

Having these resources in one place helps facilitate regular maintenance and keeps your floors looking great. By having resources for daily maintenance easily available, productivity can be increased, as there will be less waste by lost time for “big” repair projects.

The cart is OSHA-friendly. It displays color-coding to comply with regulations and it can help increase workplace safety and organization by assisting in promoting well-marked floors.


The Tamper cart

If you don’t feel you need the organization resources found on the Kaizen cart, you can tamper your tape with the simple Tamper cart. Like the Kaizen cart, the Tamper cart comes equipped with an 8” rubber roller to help tape conform to uneven surfaces. The tamper helps ensure maximum adhesion to the floor.

Both the Kaizen cart and tamper cart are available at special rates with the purchase of a minimum order of Superior Mark™ tape.

As the industry leader in providing visual workplace resources and tools to increase business productivity and safety, Stop-Painting is always striving to improve and add new products and tools to our expansive inventory offered to our customers. These redesigned carts are the result of customer feedback and extensive research and design and we are confident they’ll make a difference in your company’s productivity.