A part of continuous growth improvement is thinking outside the box to find creative solutions which maximize workplace productivity. As advocates of a visual workplace supplies, we have built our business on offering innovative safety signs and visual cues that create visual devices businesses can use to improve performance and profits.

While we offer a large inventory of readily available safety signs and visual cues, we also offer custom solutions for more specific needs. For example, a floor sign in a school may require a custom message directing grades of students in different directions, or workplace break-room may require custom signage stating hours of operation.

Use our Custom Sign Tool to create your own messages on floor tape and adhesive signs. The tool, located here, is easy to use and allows you to choose your product (floor tape or floor signs in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes), type out your message, and upload a graphic to get the exact design you want.

“We created this design tool in an effort to simplify the process of purchasing customized floor marking products,” said Cliff Lowe, Director of InSite Solutions and Stop-Painting.com. Stop-Painting’s online tool allows customers to design their own floor signs and floor tape and view them onscreen in real time. Designs will appear as if they were imprinted on the sign or tape. In other words, customers can see as they go. Once customers are satisfied with their choice of sizes, colors, words and/or images, they can submit the order and have their custom designed floor marking product delivered within a matter of days.

Whether you create custom floor tape or a custom sign, or buy pre-designed visual workplace supplies, investing in visually instructive devices is an important step for practicing Lean and 5S methods or implementing a more efficient and productive work culture.

See two of our most popular videos below, the first a tutorial on using our online custom sign tool and the second on the value of a visually organized workplace.