Pre-printed floor tape is perfect for a range of communication needs, but custom floor signs and markings can provide instructions or safety information tailored to your facility. When the standard messages don’t meet your needs, consider creating customized floor tape with your own graphics and text. Here are five custom floor tape solutions for industrial facilities and other locations.

1) Location-Specific Workflow Cues

If your facility’s workflow involves specific steps that may not be the same from location to location, you can create visual cues that are tailored to departments, circumstances, or locations. Custom floor tape may be an efficiency-boosting solution in areas where there’s a reduction in productivity or a production bottleneck.

When new processes are introduced, but employees aren’t adhering to the updated workflow, it may mean that they don’t understand the procedures. The steps may be too difficult to remember, and additional training may be required. Applying floor tape that displays instructional messages can help keep things running smoothly.

Visual cues are still important in areas where workflows have been in place for a while—and they may increase efficiency in the long run. New and temporary employees benefit from visual instruction through floor marking tape and signage. Messages specific to individual departments or facility locations allow staff to see and understand the required processes at a glance, which encourages initiative, informs employees’ decision-making methods, and can improve overall compliance.

2) Floor Markings for Navigational Assistance

Clear directional cues help everyone, from visitors and delivery drivers to new, temporary, and long-time employees. Use floor markings to provide location-specific messages, such as marking lanes in a warehouse or providing more instruction than “follow the green line” when visitors ask for directions. Include text and graphics to indicate where the line leads—especially helpful in locations where people often ask for help finding the same place.

3) Temporary Safety Messages Offer Flexibility

Flexible floor plans may change often depending on production need or other factors, and sufficient communication is necessary to ensure employees are aware of updates. Additionally, unexpected changes or closures require sufficient information for the health and safety of employees and visitors.

Floor tape is a helpful tool for communicating in the event of temporary closures, workflow updates, or through facility renovation projects to promote a temporary solution. Our floor tape options are durable enough to withstand heavy foot or machinery traffic, yet it removes easily without damaging the floors when renovations or reorganization are complete.

When traffic flow, production processes, or access requirements change, highlight the new information with temporary safety messages tailored to the situation. Simple text, such as “New Traffic Pattern Ahead” or “Temporary Restricted Access” can remain on-hand until required, or create more specific safety messages as the need arises. Alert employees to hazards with text and graphics that clearly state the danger and any necessary actions. 

4) Multi-Lingual Signage Improves Communication

Custom floor marking tape allows you to present your visual cues and important notices in numerous languages. A repeating message may provide information to your English-speaking employees and visitors, but you can include additional languages and easy-to-understand graphics to ensure your messages are is easily understood.

Bilingual or multi-lingual signage, floor tape, and other visual cues may be especially useful for:

  • Emergency exit and Not An Exit signage
  • Health information
  • Safety notices
  • Directional cues
  • Pedestrian crossing areas
  • Do Not Enter or Do Not Cross notices

5) Custom Floor Tape for Non-Industrial Uses

Tape designed and tested to stand up to forklift traffic is an ideal solution for creating visual cues and location-specific messages in a variety of non-industrial spaces, as well. The tape’s strong adhesive, low profile, and beveled edge design resists damage from equipment carts, cleaning machines, assistive devices, and scuffing feet.

Floor marking tape and signs with custom text improve safety at group dog training facilities or veterinary offices: Clearly marked waiting areas, reminders about proper dog introductions, and boundary cues give owners the tools necessary for safer dog-to-dog interactions.

Create zones within community woodshops and makerspaces using floor markings so tools and supplies remain in the appropriate locations for each intended activity. Hands-on technical, vocational, or career exploration programs can introduce Lean and 5S methods using colorful floor marking tape with specific messages customized to a learning environment.

Or, bring a little fun to the school hallway and boost team spirit using tape in school colors with mascot graphics. Create custom messages that encourage kids to walk in orderly lines, or include fun self-reflection and breathing prompts to help ease stress each day. Turn open floor space into a hopscotch game or include exercise prompts in waiting areas.

No matter the building, custom floor tape can share location-specific messages or workflow requirements. Choose durable adhesive-backed tape for a variety of floors, or custom hook-and-loop-backed carpet tape for offices, municipal buildings, or schools. Explore our Resource Center for more floor marking tips, how-to guides, industry news.