Floor marking tape is an ideal solution for Lean organization methods and is a 5S compliant tool for industrial facilities and warehouses. When it comes to choosing the right tape for the job, the first step is to put a Free Sample Kit to the test. Then, decide which type of floor marking tape best suits your application. We manufacture long-lasting floor tape for a range of industrial uses. Explore the options, discover the best use guidelines for each type, and choose the floor marking tape that’s best for your facility.

Econo Mark Floor Marking Tape

Our durable vinyl Econo Mark floor tape is an economical tape option for marking floors, stairs, railings, walls, and work areas in low-traffic locations. This may be our cheapest floor marking tape, but it still provides the quality and performance you need. It applies easily to a variety of surfaces with durable, long-lasting adhesive—but removes in one piece, unlike lower-quality, cheap tape brands that flake, break apart, and leave adhesive behind when you peel it away.

Econo Mark Colors and Sizes

Our 108-foot rolls of Econo Mark floor tape come in two- or three-inch widths and in a range of colors, including striped and checkerboard patterns.

Best Uses for Econo Mark Vinyl Tape

Our durable vinyl tape works well for:

  • Identifying edges and boundaries in work areas or areas with little foot traffic
  • Providing directional cues in less congested pedestrian-only zones
  • Designating storage areas for tools and equipment
  • Marking straight lines for painting—it removes in one piece, without tearing
  • Presenting visual reminders of areas to be kept clear
  • Color-coding sections of walls and shelving to indicate the area’s intended use
  • Bringing attention to low-hanging objects, barriers, or boundaries

Last Mark™ Floor Marking Tape

Middle-of-the-road, vinyl-coated polyester Last Mark™ floor marking tape is more durable than vinyl floor tape. Create visual cues with this economical tape that withstands moderate foot traffic and resists tearing—but removes easily when workflows change or for routine repair.

Last Mark Colors and Sizes

Our two- or four-inches wide, 90-foot long rolls of Last Mark floor marking tape are available in solid white, yellow, red, green, blue, and orange.

Best Uses for Lask Mark™ Floor Tape

Our mid-grade, economical Last Mark™ floor tape is ideal for:

  • Visual cues to comply with Lean and 5S Methodologies
  • Color-coded instructional cues for a visual reminder of processes
  • Directional cues, especially paired with custom-printed floor marking signs or wall signs
  • Areas with foot traffic, but little to no forklift or vehicular traffic

Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape

For the longest-lasting floor marking tape, get the best value with our Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape line—it’s durable enough to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and can even stand up to pallet scraping and dragging thanks to the unique beveled-edge design that sends traffic up-and-over, which prevents damage to the tape application. For fast installation and a maximum strength application that withstands cleaning machines, chemicals, and the heaviest industrial traffic, choose Superior Mark®.

Can Superior Mark® Tape Be Used in Extreme Cold?

Freezer-rated Superior Mark® tape includes an adhesive formulation that stands up to extreme cold and it can be used in areas that reach 0 degrees F. This tape is ideal for entry areas, loading docks, freezers, and other areas that experience low temperatures or extreme temperature shifts.

Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape Colors and Sizes

Our Superior Mark® line includes the most options for color, width, and customization. Choose from solid colors including white, black, red, green, and blue, or make your markings stand out with contrasting striped or checkerboard prints. Repeating message floor marking tape provides specific instructions and visual cues—and you can choose from standard messages or create your own custom floor tape.

Best Uses for Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape

Superior Mark® Floor marking tape is incredibly durable and long-lasting, making it a top choice for:

  • Warehouses and loading docks where vehicular traffic would damage low-quality floor markings
  • Forklift lanes where pallets may be dragged over the markings
  • Providing visual cues in heavily trafficked areas
  • Custom graphics and text provide location- or workflow-specific directions
  • Reusable carpet floor marking tape is ideal for classrooms, offices, municipal buildings, and other carpeted locations
  • A durable paint alternative for OSHA- and ANSI-required floor, stair, or surface markings

Choose the floor marking tape that is best suited for your facility’s needs: We carry economical options for low-traffic areas, and heavy-duty industrial tape designed to stick through even the heaviest traffic. Explore our Resouce Center to find industrial floor marking tips and installation techniques, safety information, and how-to guides.