Did you hear about the new Resource Center?

Stop-Painting.com has put all of our important informative articles, how-to information, videos and more in one spot – our new Resource Center. We hope you’ll check it out, not just for great product reviews, but for ideas, best-tips and new solutions to new or old problems. Read the post here.


Teaching Lean? Think Like a Kid

Gemba Academy offers a great blog post about the trials and tribulations of teaching Lean. Writer Jon Miller advises, “The most important change is not in how we organize our factories, design our hospital buildings or rewrite procedures, but in how we think. Without the thinking to spur behavior, the positive changes are not sustainable. Success at lean requires leaders to adopt new ways of thinking, to model behaviors and coach others.” If you can teach it to a kid, he says, you’re on the right track. Read it here.


Thinking Outside the Box

Innovative ideas and new ideas on workflows can be messy. Sometimes you have to make a mess to really clean up. Gemba Academy’s recent blog post about “thinking outside the box”, demonstrates how we sometimes like to make our work look easy and hide all the mess and innovative brainstorming that went into the improvements. But really, it’s the time spent trying new things, failing and trying again that makes a business successful. If no one tried new things, no business would get better and improve over time. Read the post here.


Mark Graban Helps (accurately) Spread the Meaning of LEAN

Graban blogs about a recent encounter he had with a reporter who asked if Graban had ever seen a place where Lean was fully implemented but just didn’t work. Graban offers a thoughtful answer in his easy-to-understand usual way, using a great example of trying to lose weight with yoga and going vegan. Does it really work if you don’t do the yoga right or go all the way Vegan? We are big fans of his posts, which are heavy on hospital lean issues and discussions. Read the post here.


Lean is for Everyone

We believe Lean or 5S practices can be used to increase productivity and efficiency in almost any environment. Here’s a good blog post by a guy on Mnet we came across that writes about that very hypothesis and show how Lean can improve a variety of kinds of workplaces. (The post is native advertising and seeks to get you to check out the writer’s company that offers cloud based business process management software, but it’s still a good story). Read the post here.