A new feature we’ll post on our blog periodically is a recommendation of interesting posts we’ve read from bloggers we follow and links to the selected posts. Is there a blogger you follow you think we’d be interested in following? Let us know in the comments.

Performance, Not Policy – by Kevin Meyer.  Meyer is probably one of the most zen bloggers we’ve come across so far. Meyer is one of the co-founders of the Gemba Academy, which produces educational materials about Six Sigma and Lean practices. His background is in engineering and operations with an emphasis on Lean manufacturing and Lean leadership. (And though this one is from a ways, back, it’s one of our favorites too.)

A Question and Answer Session with Tracey and Ernie Richardson. Tracey and Ernie Richardson are well-known as Lean consultants and trainers. Both learned the Toyota Production System first-hand as employees and apprentices under Japanese leadership during the 1980s. The post is found on the Lean Enterprise blog and focuses on Tracey Richardson (Ernie doesn’t seem to answer any questions) and her thoughts on teaching Lean practices and what it was like to learn under her Japanese mentors at Toyota.

Mark Graban’s Lean Blog is a regular read for us and he recently made it easy for you to catch up on his blog if you’re new. His post, What are the Ten Most Read Lean Blog posts of 2016? is a great way to  read the best he’s offered this year. Graban is a Lean consultant that seems to focus on the healthcare industry.

Another person we follow for information and thoughts about visual communication and its value in the workplace is Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth. While she doesn’t officially blog, you can read her weekly newsletter article here. Galsworth is pretty much recognized as the country’s expert on visual workplace strategies. You can also check out her library of weekly podcasts here.