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Become OSHA Compliant with New Promotion

Starting this week we will begin to offer free floor marking kits that will help facilities become OSHA compliant. We are offering a fire extinguisher or a electrical panel floor kit in exchange for feedback and suggestions regarding our floor kits. These floor kits are made with three pieces of Superior Mark floor tape and create a 36″ x 24″ perimeter around fire extinguishers or electrical panels. The Superior Mark tape makes installation fast, as there is no need to cut or butt splice tape to create the box shaped marking with the puzzle cut end, and the kit will install in just minutes with a quick peel and stick application. In addition to the three-piece perimeter, both kits include their corresponding rubber floor sign for increased visibility, giving each kit a $60.00 value.

How does this help to be OSHA compliant? The fire extinguisher kits meet OSHA Regulation 1910.157(c)(1) that states, “The employer shall provide portable fire extinguishers and shall mount, locate and identify them so that they are readily accessible to employees without subjecting the employees to possible injury.” Furthermore, the electrical panel kits help with compliance of OSHA Regulation 1910. 303 (h) (5) (i) that demands the area around electrical panels to be clear at least 36 inches from the wall. So no mater which kit is chosen you are creating a safer work environment.

While we are helping you be OSHA compliant, you can help us by giving us feedback and suggestions about our floor marking kits. We ask that as soon as you receive the kit, install it and within four week of installation send us some feedback and suggestions about the kits. And that’s it. Of course you are always able to order more kits for your facility online at our website or call us to order over the phone.

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