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Four Mistakes Not To Make When Repainting A Floor’s Safety Lines

Are the painted safety lines on your factory or warehouse’s concrete floor in need of repair? You can recoat them—although the process is more involved than you might think. Few people put much thought into repainting until the time comes when the safety lines become shabby and something needs to be done about it. If… Continue reading

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Carpet Floor Tape: A Solution for Organizing Office Cubicles?

One of our customers told us recently about a use for our carpet floor tape that we had not heard of before. We’re accustomed to selling our Velcro®-based tape to churches and schools, which use it to help organize classrooms by placing removable lines on the carpeting. So when Bob, a customer at a software… Continue reading

Articles / Lean Manufacturing & 5S / Safety & OSHA Compliance / Traffic Control / Visually Organized Workspaces

Top 5 Safety Floor Markings: A Checklist

If you had to prioritize, what particular safety sign would you post in your workplace first? Which one is most important? That’s a difficult question because all safety signs are important, almost by definition. Nonetheless, throwing caution to the wind, here are our Top 5 Safety Floor Markings. Let’s do the list David Letterman style. #5:… Continue reading