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Protecting your Employees from Permanent Ear Damage

Hearing damage is untreatable and irreversible. It is also 100% preventable. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that every year, American workers receive over $242 million in disability payments due to work-related ear damage. Hearing damage not only permanently disables workers, it also elevates insurance premiums. Luckily, most work-related ear damage can be… Continue reading


New safety signs going up in Orange County, Fla.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Orange County officials (the county where Orlando, Fla., is located) are investing in about 50 new safety signs warning residents and visitors about wildlife near bodies of water. The simple solution to help make people more aware of their surroundings will cost the county about $30 per sign. County spokesperson… Continue reading

Floor Marking Tapes / News / Visually Organized Workspaces carpet tape shows up in innovative play rooms’s carpet tape is making appearances in some fun places. Smart Playrooms co-founders Karri Bowen-Poole and Chris Simpson are utilizing our carpet tape for their burgeoning small business designing play spaces and learning centers for kids. Their business, Smart Playrooms, designs, builds and organizes play and homework areas. Their clients include parents, childcare facilities, schools… Continue reading

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Scholarship Essay Submission: Joshua Pannell

InSite Solutions was excited to receive so many great applications and essays for our recent InSite Solutions/ Scholarship competition. Our scholarship winner, Sophia Leone will apply her scholarship award to the costs associated with attending Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine next year. You can read her essay here. Another essay we were impressed… Continue reading