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Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Have An Identifying Sign?

If you like doing puzzles, you may enjoy the challenge of deciphering government regulations. A case in point is determining whether fire extinguishers in a workplace need to be identified with signs. Here is the only guidance that OSHA’s regulations offer: The employer shall provide portable fire extinguishers and shall mount, locate and identify them… Continue reading

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Why Painting Floor Stripes is a Bad Idea

For many years, companies have painted stripes or lines on the floors of factories, warehouses, and other facilities. After all, traffic needs to be directed, pedestrians require safe walkways, hazards must be identified, and there are organizational systems to mark. How else would this be accomplished? Using paint seems inevitable. However, painting has serious drawbacks…. Continue reading

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Does OSHA Require Secondary Containers of Water to be Labeled?

When chemicals or hazardous materials are transferred from a parent container to a secondary container, OSHA requires the secondary container to be labeled. This secondary container label should contain all of the safety information from the parent container, so that workplace hazards are clearly communicated to everyone. Ever since we launched our GHS Workplace Labels,… Continue reading

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A Note on Terminology: Is a Floor Stripe the Same as a Floor Border?

In books and articles about 5S, it is common to come across the terms floor line, floor stripe, and floor border. Sure, all of these terms refer to visual markings placed on a floor to compartmentalize space and send visual cues to keep the workplace organized. But do these terms all mean the same thing?… Continue reading