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How To Make Co-Workers Return Borrowed Items, Without Saying A Word

Tired of searching for essential tools and supplies at work, only to find someone “borrowed” it and didn’t return it to its home? Countless hours of productivity are lost because of this annoying problem, let alone the amount of stress and frustration it causes workers. More and more companies are launching initiatives that inspire employees to… Continue reading


IMTS 2014 Kicks Off

We have opened our booth at the IMTS Tradeshow in Chicago. We will be here all week to talk with the attendees about the best floor marking solutions for their facilities. We are excited to introduce some of our new products, the Superior Mark Glow and the Custom Printed Superior Mark Tapes. This is really… Continue reading


Where Should I Put Anti-Slip Tape?

Anti-slip tapes and floor treatments are incredibly useful in reducing the risks of slips and injuries in the workplace. They keep individuals safe and reduce the risk of lawsuits and workers compensation settlements in workplaces everywhere. However, the benefits of anti-slip tape are not limited to only the workplace. There are many domestic or recreational… Continue reading